Japanese Kakemono 掛物 Hanging Scroll silk painted Kakejiku 掛軸

Hung Scroll Tatejiku 縦軸 type

for sale - zu verkaufen - en venta - à vende - для продажи - 待售 - na sprzedaż - 販売用 - à venda - in vendita - למכירה - للب

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Landscape – Signed and sealed

Aprox. Measures: 208,8 x 61,8 cm.

Ref.: Kakemono 2







Shuseki Okutani a master work

Aprox. Measures: 198x 58 cm.

Ref.: Kakemono 3






Traditional Japanese Landscape

Bridge on the river fall, pines, farm houses, mountains

Aprox. Measures: 180 x 56 cm

Ref: Kakemono 245






Chikuha Odake (1877 - 1936)

Japanese modernist and traditional landscape

Signed and sealed

With original box

Kakemono total Measures: 186x41,4cm. Silk: 127x26,4cm

Ref: Kakemono 144







Antique Kakemono

Coast Landscape in Spring

Estimated Age: Meiji or Taisho period

Aprox. Measures: 185 x 51 cm.

Ref Kakemono 181






Fine art work on paper Kakemono





River and fog Landscape



Antique Kakemono


Ref.: Kakemono 48

Antique Kakemono

Buddha Dainichi Style

Ref.: Kakemono 125

Antique Kakemono on paper

Lady and family in a snowstorm

Ref.: Kakemono 160

Antique Kakemono

Sumiyoshi Festival 住吉まつり

Ref.: Kakemono 207

Old Kakemono

Buddha Kano-ha

Ref.: Kakemono 215


Illuminated Buddha

Ref.: Kakemono 225


Silk from a Kakemono (Makuri)

Japanese Buddhist Nun




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