Koto Katana 刀

High ranking Rankaku 卵貝殻 Koshirae with Kogai


Polished: Old acceptably preserved
Hada: Muji hada
Hamon: Suguha (partially visible watch the pictures please)

Edge: Remains very sharp (razor edge)

Nagasa: 67,4 cm.
Sori: 1.5 cm.
Moto-haba: 2,7 cm.
Saki-haba: 1,9 cm.
Moto-gasane: 0.7 cm.
Saki-gasane: 0.6 cm.

Age: Muromachi period (室町時代) estimated as Tenshō era (天正)

Very narrow blade and length (can be considered long for the era when they was forging to be often shorter) according to what was usual in the Japanese Katana blades of this period and style.


Blade condition:

It can be seen that it has been subjected to a deep polishing at an indeterminate time, probably a few years ago, something usual to correct faults and oxidation of very old blades. Now it is shown in its complete forms without noteworthy faults, only some residual stain from oxidation, little cracks or combat notches at the Mune. Very slight points of old oxidation in a limited area of the edge, without major importance. Some dark area in zone at one end and one edge of the tip. All appropriate to its age but general solid good condition. The detailed photos (particularly close up pictures) show the flaws, blows or scratches as much larger than they are to the naked eye. In real sight most are near imperceptible.



Total length: 97,6 cm.

Wood: Honoki
Same: Ray Skin (high grade)
Ito: Golden and Black genuine natural Silk
Fuchi/Kashira: Shakudo and Gold, fine traditional handwork
Menuki couple: Shakudo (depicted different Cranes group. Symbolizes good fortune and longevity) uka:

Tsuba: Forged iron open cross.

Habaki: copper fine work

Wood: Honoki
Koiguchi/Kurikata and Kojiri: Venison horn (something rare that denotes the quality of the Koshirae)
Kurikata Shitodome couple: Golden
Fine Rankaku work Urushi lacquered
Sageo: Silk

Kogai: Fine alloy and silver

Saya condition:

Recently restored, its condition is now very good.


Original Japanese documentation:

Sealed copy of  Prefectural (Kyoiku-inkai) Registration Card  In order to legally own a sword in Japan it has to be registered in accordance with the Ju-to-ho 銃刀法


Item sold - アイテムが利用できません - Artículo no disponible - Article non disponible - Verkauft nicht verfügbar - تباع البند - Товар продан


Ref.: Katana 97


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Close-up (macro), surface with Hamon and little cracks or combat notches at the Mune:



General view of blade and Koshirae:



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