Great size Tanto (O-Tanto)

Original from the same Blade period restored Koshirae

First years from the Meiji period

Traditional forged Tamagahane blade with Buddhist Fudō Myō-ō (不動明王) Horimono blade

Kozuka and Kogatana


O-Tanto blade:

Saki Sori blade in good condition with recent polishing, some insignificant hits on the Mune unimportant and barely visible.

Fudō Myō-ō (不動明王) Horimono

Total length of the blade (Nakago included): 39.8 cm.

Curvature (Sori): 0,3 cm.

Blade width : 2,9 cm.

Blade thickness (Kasane) 0,65 cm.

Nagasa 28,5 cm.

Cutting line 29,8 cm.



Tamahagane forged blade from the same period

Kogatana measures:

Length (Nagasa): 10,7 cm.

Total length: 16,9 cm.




Copper alloy antique traditional fine work

Length: 9,4 cm.


Original Koshirae:

Koshirae total length 48,1 cm.


Honoki wood

Fuchi/Kashira: Shakudo and Gold

Same: Black Ray Skin

Ito: Natural brown Silk

Menuki couple: "Horses and Lion" antique handwork

Tsuba: Copper


Honoki wood

Koiguchi: and Kurikata: Buffalo Horn

Kojiri: Deer Horn

Urushi black lacquered with Mother of Pearls


This Tanto shows, in addition to the Buddhist strong symbolism of the Horimono on the Blade, other elements of Buddhist symbolism: Kozuka and Menuki: Horses. The other menuki a Lion and the Fuchi a sea bird among waves...


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