Naval Tachi

Kai Guntō (海軍刀) Japanese high ranking Japanese Imperial Navy officier

Original unrestored Navy Officier Katana in Tachi Gunto mount


Japanese naval Kai Gunto (Katana) of the type intended for high-ranking officers, Tachi style, the Saya is lined entirely with stripe skin and then lacquered Urushi clear, the blade is of the highest quality among those manufactured in series for naval Katanas, It is made with stainless steel which is then tempered, which is why it shows the tempering line (light Hamon) on the cutting edge. Its parts are numbered with the manufacturing number 834 that appears engraved in the Nakago of the blade (which also has the brand of Arsenal), in Tsuba, Seppas, Fuchi, Tsuka, Koiguchi, Saya, etc. Therefore it is all original and is not restored, shows signs of use and wear but with solid general condition.


Wood Honoki Saya ray skin cover. Great quality arsenal blade with still although very light active Suguha Hamon.

A naval Katana with a tempered blade is really rare because of the difficulty of make a tempering it in steel suitable for the marine environment.  That denotes the special quality of this piece destined without a doubt to a high ranking officer.

Also is very rare matching serial number in blade and all the Koshirae parts at once.


Honoki wood scabbard covered with ray skin Urushi with two suspensors in Tachi style that shows some shortcomings of time and use. Watch the pictures please.

Blade in good condition with old perhaps original polish. Very high quality handwork.

This Kai Guntō has pristine original parts without restaurations or repairs is a very rare to found it this condition now.

- Koshirae total length: 100,5 cm.

- Katana blade measures:

- Total blade length (Nakago included): 89,3 cm.

- Cutting line length: 69 cm

-Nagasa (linear blade length without Nakago): 67,2 cm.

-Sori (blade curvature): 1,8 cm.

-Motohaba (initial section height of the blade or width at the Hamachi ): 3,4 cm.

-Sakihaba (section height in the initiation of Kissaki): 2,6 cm.

Kasane : 8 mm

Age: first years or before Second World War

Condition: Unrestored. Signs of use and wear in the Koshirae. Katana blade in very good condition.


Ref.: Katana 9




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