Antique traditional hand forged Katana blade with Horimono

rare Snake skin Saya Koshirae



Horimono: Buddhist protection and victory symbol (Bonji Hagunsho - Victory Star)

Traditional antique forged blade.

Type of steel: Tamahagane (玉鋼)

- Cutting edge: 64,4 cm

Total blade length: 77,5 cm.

Total Katana length mounted on the Koshirae: 101,3 cm

- Motohaba - 2,8 cm.

- Sori - 1,2 cm.

Hamon: Suguha

Hada: Itame

Mei: Mumei

Polishing: Very recent made by a master polisher (Togishi).

the edge is very Sharp

Period: Edo

General good condition, very small and unimportat fault in the Mune and Kissaki also a couple of minimal micro fissures on the edge (Micro fissures range 3-5mm hard to see it with the naked eye. Pictures are macro close up), there are as slight and appropriate signs of their antiquity. Watch the close-up macro enlarged pictures, please.



Quality and rare Koshirae:

The koshirae that came to me looked like a Showa period work (maybe from a previous? I do not known), the Tsuka (surely from that period) has been preserved, the Ito has been restored (with genuine natural Japanese Silk), the Saya has been also restored with Japanese snakeskin in the traditional style and manner, with Urushi lacquer

Tsuka: Honoki wood

Same: Ray Skin

Ito: Natural Silk, red-black (historic black) colour

Fuchi/Kashira, Menukis: depicted Bamboo leaves

Habaki: Gold



Forged iron


Tsuba is very old, estimated period: Edo




Honoki wood, genuine Japanese Snake Skin covered and Urushi lacquered

Sageo: Black Silk


Koshirae completely restored and finished by a Koshiraeshi (Koshirae master craftsman).




Ref.: Katana 84


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close-up macro enlarged pictures:




Hokkaido (The northernmost of Japan’s main islands) native Snake:




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