Great O-Tanto (very wide Wakizashi blade) Buddhist


Japanese O-Tanto/Wakizashi Buddhist protection with "bongo" engraved Horimono

"Bongo": - batto kwannon
- hagunsho
- shogun jizo besatsu

- buddha with a horse's head
star of victory

- buddha a tete de cheval
etoile de la victoire

-Buda con cabeza de caballo
estrella de la victoria

Estimated blade Age: Last years from Edo 江戸時代

Mei: Kane Tsogu

Hamon style: Notare/Suguha

Current blade condition: Polished recently by a Tobishi master, shows some points and slight signs of age, please look at the photos. In general good condition.

Offering presentation or religious personal use. Buddhist Tanto Japanese traditional forged and tempered blade with fine Buddhist Koshirae

Tsuka: Honoki wood. Same: Ray Skin. Ito: Natural Silk. Fuchi: bronce, copper and gold. Menuki couple: bronze. Kashira: fine bronze.

Kashira depicted: symbolic hairstyle of a Buddhist monk's head. Very rare Kashira.

Menuki couple: Lion and Dragon

Lion: The lion references the Buddha, formerly Shakyamuni, a member of the Shakya (lion) clan. The lion is also a symbol of royalty and leadership and may also represent the Buddhist king Ashoka

Dragon: The dragon is the vehicle of Vairochana, the white Buddha of the center or the east.


Tsuba: Forged iron, bronze and brass. Depicted a curtain with bow, representation of the discoveries and opening of the mind.



Honoki wood. Japanese Deer horn. Pure Gold sheets and red Urushi lacquered. Sageo: Fabric Silk.

Koshirae Total Length: 54,6 cm.


Nagasa (blade length): 33,7 cm

Blade length section Habaki included: 36 cm.

Motohaba: 3,1 cm.

Sori (Curvature): 0.7 cm.

Mekugi-ana : 1

Habaki : Copper based Gold Plating


Fukuro (Bag): Embroider Japanese Kimono fabric Silk


Documentation with which the item is shipped:

Tobishi Kantei (polisher study certification)

Sword registration issued by Prefecture Board of Education (copy (original shall be returned to the local authority))


Ref.: Tanto 73


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