Fine long Katana blade

Snake skin, Crane Tsuba, Mugwort Menuki couple and Dragon Fuchi/Kashira: High grade Koshirae

Koshirae restored new with fine antique Kodogu and genuine Japanese snake skin

Three original Japanese Certifications


Katana blade:

Long and very curved Tachi style blade

Very thin, narrow, slender, very curved and light blade. A true beautiful blade.

Nagasa: 67,1 cm.

Cutting edge length: 69,3 cm.

Total blade length: 87,7 cm.

Sori: 3 cm

Mei: Mumei

Estimated Age: Edo 江戸時代 Edo jidai (徳川時代 Tokugawa-jidai)

Original Japanese Certification


Excellent condition.

A few points and other very slight signs of antiquity, unimportant and appropriate of its age. Very recent polishing maked by a Tobishi master



New restored (by a Koshiraeshi master) Koshirae:



Honoki wood.

Same snake skin.

Menuki couple (Mugwort: Shakudo, Silver and Gold with japanese original certification)

Ito, Pure Silk.

Fuchi/Kashira: Top and very rare quality carved "dragon"



Forged iron with bamboo and crane pure Gold inlay (NBTHK Original Japanese certification)



Honoki wood. Genuine Japanese forest snake skin covered. Urushi natural lacquered.

Koiguchi and Kurikata: Buffalo horn

Kojiri: Japanese Deer horn

Sageo: Silk


Fukuro (Katana bag): Antique Japanese fabric green and gold Silk.



Ref.: Katana 72


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Certification Katana blade:




Tsuba Crane (forged iron and Gold):


Tsuba NBTHK Certification:



Mugwort Menuki couple, Shakudo, Silver and Gold:


Menuki couple Certification:


Top of quality Fuchi/Kashira "Dragon":



Antique Fukuro (Katana bag) Japanese natural Silk:


Hokkaido Japanese prefecture forest snake:



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