Hira Zukuri Wakizashi

High grade restored Ebi Aikuchi Koshirae


Wakizashi blade:

Shape: Hira Zukuri

Hamon: Midare - Choji Gnome

Fine Hada

Nagasa: 34,5 cm

Mei: The rest of a signature maybe could be seen, but already completely unreadable

Estimated Age: Shinto era Edo period


New recent polished (fine traditional work of a Tobishi master). Several faults that can you see in the detailed pictures something typical of the use and blows in his time period but the blade was maintained very solid and strong. It can appreciate quality of the forge, and the tempering in the beautiful Hamon. Look at the blade pictures in detail please.



Recentlycompletely and meticulously restored (handwork of a great Koshiraeshi master)

Shape: Ebi (lobster)

Type: Aikuchi

Wood: Honoki

Lacquered: Urushi

Menuki: Lobster

Koshirae total legth: 63 cm


Fukuro (Wakizahi bag): Japanese old Silk embroidered with sea theme


Ref.: Wakizashi 58


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