Short Wakizashi (O-Tanto) fine aikuchi Buddhist Koshirae

Nagasa: 32,5 cm.

Ji: Itame mixed with Nagare

Hamon: Gunome mixed

Mei: Mumei

Estimated age: Shinshinto (Edo period)

Blade condition:

The blade shows some defects(linear, points and hits) that can be seen in the pictures, appropriate of their use and their age.

Look at the pictures please.



Restored aikuchi Buddhist Koshirae


Honoki wood

Ito: Natural Silk

Same: Ray skin

Menuki: Buddhist menuki couple

Kashira: Iron and gold

Fuchi: Iron and silver Buddhist symbol


Honoki wood

Kurikata : Buffalo horn

Urushi lacquered

Koshirae total length: 48 cm

Koshirae condition: Very good.


Fukuro (textil bag):

Japanese fabric Silk ivory color

Condition: As new



Ref.: Tanto 55


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