Tanto Edo Matsunaga family Koshirae


Tanto blade

- Cutting edge: 25,8 cm.

- Double Bo-hi (groove)

Estimated Age: Edo period

Blade Tanto condition:

Recently polished, some slight lack without importance that can be seen in the pictures, something appropriate to his antiquite.

Good general condition, watch the pictures please.



Tsuka: Honoki wood

Ito: Whale beard

Menuki couple: Gold. Depicted a Samurai warrior

Fuchi/Kashira: Solid silver bathed in gold. Depicted Matsunaga family Kamon


Edo period fine bronze and silver open work "dragon"

Saya: Honoki wood

Kurikata: Buffalo horn

Kurikata Shitodome couple: Gold

Pure Gold and Urushi lacquered

Sageo: Silk

Total Tanto Koshirae lenght: 49,5 cm.

Koshirae condition:

Recently restored. Very good.


Fukuro (bag):

Japanese fabric Silk brown and gold

Condition: Very good.



Ref.: Tanto 54


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