Tanto Kanesada signed blade Fuji mount Koshirae with a rare tree bark style Saya

Age: Edo period

Yoroi-doshi styled Tanto which was made by Edo period.

Mei: Blade has a sign named "Kanesada".

Style called Yoroi-doshi which is wide thickness, this tanto has 0.85mm thickness, so it is strong and rare blade.

Mount Fuji and scenery figured excellent Habaki is made by solid silver.

Full length: 29.8 cm
Nagasa: 20.0 cm
Widith: 2.2 cm
Thick: 0.85 cm


"Fuji mount" great quality Koshirae:

Fuchi and Kojiri: Old Ivory

Same: fine ray skin

Menuki couple: Fuji mount gold plated

Ito: natural silk

Fuchi: Shakudo and gold

Habaki: Solid Silver "Fuji mount" depicted

Saya tree bark style: Honoki wood, genuine gold, Urushi lacquered

Kurikata: Deer horn

Shitodome couple: silver

Sageo: white silk

Documentation paper:

- Copy (the original is delivered when selling to foreign the item at the Japanese authority) of  Prefectural (Kyoiku-inkai) Registration Card  In order to legally own a sword in Japan it has to be registered in accordance with the Ju-to-ho 銃刀法



Ref.: Tanto 48


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