Short Katana with beautiful and fine high grade Koshirae "Fish and Crab"

Fine Nihonto Daitō 大刀

Antique Japanese short Katana

Mei: Katsumitsu

Age: attributed in previous Japanese collection to Muromachi period (室町) maybe circa 1490-1530 ¿? I can not be sure but is a very antique blade

this blade has a measure in the limit as Katana size for its mount and functionality can be classified without a doubt as a short Katana


Kozuka: Bronze, silver and gold

Kogatana "Fisherman and Samurai": Very antique blade signed

Fuchi/Kashira "fish": Shakudo and gold

Tsuba "crab"

Menuki: couple "crab"

Ito: natural silk

Same: Ray skin

Saya: Honoki wood, mother of pearl, Urushi lacquered

Fukuro (Katana bag): Old textil with silk



Ref.: Katana 47


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Kojiri "Fish":



Kashira "Fish":






Tsuba "Crab":



Golden Shitodome" and Silk Sageo:


Mother of Pearl Urushi lacquered Saya:


Kozuka with signed Kogatana:



Couple "Crab" Menuki and Fuchi "Fish":


Solid Silver Habaki:





Fukuro (Katana bag):





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