Tanto Meiji Osoraku-Zukuri on also Meiji Koshirae Kawari


Osoraku-Zukuri. iori-mune

Ji: dense Itame mixed with some Nagare, in addition pleinful of ji-nie

Hamon: Mix of Gunome, Togari-Gunome, in addition long naga-ashi, many Sunagashi and pleinful of Nie

Boshi: Midare-komi with Zukure and Hakikake at the tip

Horimono: On both sides a Katana-hi with Koshibi witch runs with Kaki-nagashi into the tang.

Age: Meiji (明治時代) circa 1871

Mei: We can not read well, work is attributed to Buzen no Kami Kiyondo. I can not confirm this question perhaps could be from a disciple or of the same school, in any case it is an extraordinary quality of forging and tempering.

Nagasa: 23.1 cm.

Polished: Recent, in excellent condition. It has the Kantei of the Tobishi (polisher).




Tsuka and Saya:

Wood: Honoki. Wood covered of Same (ray skin), under a fine metal openwork depicting couples of Shishi (dog-lion).

Age: Meiji (it is very rare to find blades with Koshirae from the same period)




Ref.: Tanto 45


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