Antique Tanto blade

Very rare high quality Hachisuka family clan Koshirae


Tanto blade:

Nagasa: 23,5 cm.

Nakago: Signed

Mei: Unread

Estimated Age: Edo


Recent polishing.

Blade shows small defects (a blow near the tip on one side) appropriate to its age, see the pictures please.

General good condition.



Kozuka: Copper and Silver alloy with gold "Horses"

Kogatana blade: Forged and tempered signed blade



Fuchi/Kashira: Pure silver plated

Menukis: Solid silver "Hachisuka family Kamon"

Tsuka: Honoki

Same: Fine quality Ray Skin

Ito: Japanese natural silk

Saya: Urushi lacquered with a solid Silver Hachisuka family Kamon

Koshirae condition:

Restored and refurbished. Very good condition now.

Koshirae total length: 44,5 cm.


Ref.: Tanto 43


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