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Very rare Shinken extra long Katana blade double Hi (groove)

Odachi (Long Katana) about 90 cm cutting line (edge length). Very rare.


Great extra long Katana double Hi (groove) rare quality and measures Nihonto Japanese traditional forged blade. Fine Hamond and Hada.

Edge: Very sharp
Polish: Recent, good condition

Kizu: No Kizu, perfect blade surface

Hada: shows a very fine surface grain

Mei (Nakago signature): Yamaguchi Hoshinobu (or Toshinobu ?) (山口寿信)
There are several smiths of that name, others smiths men signed as a tribute to your predecessor. I have not been able to know with total certainty which of them can be, in any case, it is a high level Japanese forged work. The long Katanas (Odachi) in traditional quality forging today, reach very high prices in Japan now.

Nagasa: 89.0 cm. Sori: 0.3 cm.

Moto-haba: 3.1 cm.

Moto-gasane: 0.7 cm.

Estimated age: Shōwa period 昭和時代

(with little error can be certified that was made on the 80s of the last century, last years of the Showa period)

High grade Koshirae:

Tsuka: Honoki wood

Same: Ray skin

Ito: Japanese genuine silk

Menukis: Old traditional work, shakudo with gold

Tsuba: "Chrysanthemum" antique (perhaps Edo) open work fine brass and gold inlay

Tsukamaki katahinerimaki,
Saya with rattan covered, two sections lacquered Ishô-nuri and kuroro. Gold and cooper dust.
Kojiri tsunami (sea waves) with buffalo horn.

Sageo: Silk Murodai (traditional japanese hand work)

The Koshirae is completely rebuilt and restored, it is extremely tight in all its parts to be used for cutting practices and of course mainly for show on a Collection. The Tsuba is surely older (see description above), maybe from the Edo period, only the Tsuba, the rest is more modern but all its parts and elements are Japanese, of course... the restoration of a Koshirae until it is impeccable and very tight is a complicated job that only can do a Japanese grade Master in Koshiraes (Koshiraeshi). Equally, a good polishing (like the one with this blade), only can done a Master polisher (Tobishi). Both recent works are a added value to this item.


Fukuro (Katana bag):

High grade Japanese silk hand work, fine embroidery


Documentation with which the item is shipped: Katanacenter Certification of Authenticity numbered and sealed with picture printed. (ヒスパニック系日本社会古代の剣の研究のため senior member)



Ref.: Katana 40


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Fukuro (Katana bag) Japanese silk hand work:





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