Rare and beautiful Koto period short Wakizashi (near O-Tanto size) Kanmuri-otoshi forged blade in Koshirae mounting with Kozuka and Kogatana signed.


Inusual hoja Kanmuri-otoshi de bellísimas líneas y gran calidad de forja tamaño Wakizashi en Koshiare con Kozuka y Kogatana firmada.


Koto antique sword of more about than 420 years old

Elegant "Kanmuri-otoshi" blade shape.

Fuchi collar, Kashira cap, and Menuki pegs are all beautifully carved.

Tsuba guard is nicely designed.

The blade is well polished and is in very good condition.

The blade is well forged and has fine forging grains.

Hamon temper lines are artistic.

Mei signature: Mumei

Jidai date: Appears to be Koto period (pre-1596) based on the study of some features of the blade.

Sugata structure: Kanmuri-otoshi

Mune: Iori-mune

Boshi head: Midare-komi

Kitae hada: Mokume hada

Hamon temper line: Gunome Midare active temper lines

Nakago tang: Ha-agari Kuri-jiri

Yasuri-me: Sujikai

Mekugi hole: One

Habaki collar: Single piece copper

Cutting Edge Length: 37.6 cm (14.80")

Nagasa: 36,5 cm (14.37")

Sori: 1,1 cm (0.43")

Nakago tang length: 12,1 cm (4.76")

Koshirae fitting: 56.2 cm (22.13")

Tsuka handle: 15.2 cm (5.98")

Bare blade: 303 g (0.67 lb)

When fit in Koshirae mountings: 654 g (1.44 lb)


Kozuka: Antique bronze fine traditional work with brass and silver inlay depicted a cherry blossom tree and more flowers of great quality jewelry handwork. Length: 9,6 cm. (3.78")

Kogatana: Antique forged blade (signed but unread) with deep dark patina. Total length: 18,5 cm. (7.28") - Blade 10,5 cm (4.13")


Antique Koshirae with great quality Shakudo and gold Fuchi/Kashira and Menukis. Tsuba: Forged iron with brass inlay and gold .

Same: Fine high quality old ray skin.

Saya: Restored Honoki wood fine ishime Urushi lacquered.

Old silk and cotton Sageo.


Wakizashi condition:

The blade is well recently polished (by a Japanese Tobishi) and is in very good condition with some flaws as it is normal in very antique blades. Koshirae mountings are in very good condition with also normal wears seen in items of this age. One out three Seppa washers is made of genuine natural rubber to better fit Tsuba guard was put in the restoration according to current techniques in these fine and minocious restoration works.

Koshirae: Completely restored by a Koshiraeshi Japanese grade Master. Now in perfect condition.

Please see more pictures in the photo gallery beneath.


Provenance (previous owner) from a member of the NBTHK and also of the Japan National Sword Dealers Association.

Documentation with which the item is shipped: Katanacenter Certification of Authenticity numbered and sealed as the current owner with Nakago and Mei drawing in addition explanation datas and translation and also as a separate document copy of the Sword registration issued by Nagano Prefecture Board of Education (copy as original shall be returned to the local authority as it is mandatory in the Japanese rules)


Katanakake (sword stand) not included in this sale.

Ref.: 4 Wakizashi

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