Japanese antique Nihonto Wakizashi size sword signed blade with Shirasaya and antique restored Koshirae


Wakizashi Fujiwara Sadayuki saku. Nakago signed.


Wakizashi blade:

Traditional great quality forged blade

Nakago Mei: Fujiwara Sadayuki

School: Takada

Province: Bungo

Hamon: Very beautiful Suguha pattern

Edged and Polish: good condition

Age: Keicho 慶長 era (1596-1615) about 400 years ago.

Master blacksmith and School link



Blade measures:

Approx. Cutting edge: 48 cm.

-Nagasa (linear blade length without Nakago): 46,6 cm.

-Sori (blade curvature): 0,9 cm.

-Motohaba (initial section height of the blade or width at the Hamachi ): 2,9 cm.

-Sakihaba (section height in the initiation of Kissaki): 1,9 cm.


Habaki: Old cooper fine engraved



Japanese quality hand work Honoki wood

Bukuro (textil bag): Japanese fabric silk and cotton wadding



Rare and antique Koshirae restored a few years ago

Tsuka: Ho wood Ray Skin covered with Tsukaito

Fuchi/Kashira, Menukis: Dragon and face engraved.

Tsuba: Edo period silver and gold inlay. Depicted a fisherman in a fine work

Saya: Ray skin, mother of pearl, shell chunks. Urushi lacquered




- Katanacenter: Certification of Authenticity numbered and sealed with picture.

- Copy of the "Torokusho" (Japanase Traditional nihonto) Japanese Government prefectural card.



Ref.: Wakizashi 38


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