Antique Japanese Nihonto

Tantō 短刀

Edo period 江戸時代 Tanto with restored antique high grade quality Koshirae from the Kameda clan pattern Buddhist


High quality forged blade:

Hamon: Gunome in Nioi Deki

Hada: Itame Hada mix to Mokume

Zukurikomi: Hira-Zukuri

Mei: Mumei

Nagasa: 23,1 cm.

Estimated School: Bizen tradition

Estimated Age: Shinshinto era Edo (Tokugawa 徳川時代) period


Antique restored Koshirae Kameda family with a pattern of Buddhist devotion:


Wood: Honoki

Same: Old and quality ray skin

Ito: Genuine natural Silk

Menukis: Depicted "Sankozuka" ("Vajra" with sword) Buddhist ritual, with unusual objects. A very rare Menuki couple.

Kashira: Kabutogane style copper and brass depicted a "Dragon"

Fuchi: alloy with a Kamon (family crest) in pure solid Gold



Edo period rare Tsuba "landscape" copper alloy with shakudo and gold



Wood: Honoki

Kurikata and Kojiri: genuine Japanese Deer antler

Koiguchi: cow Horn

Shitodome couple: Gold plated

Sageo: fabric Silk

Lacquered: Urushi Maki-e in brown and little black with very light gold and silver dust. A great Koshiraeshi hand work.


Documentation with which the item is shipped: Katanacenter Certification of Authenticity numbered and sealed with picture.


Ref.: TANTO 36


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