Antique Kinai Echizen School

Fine quality Sukashi Marugata Tsubas couple for Daisho

Antique early Edo period Sukashi Daisho Marugata Tsuba from Kinai Echizen School NBTHK.
Kinai echizen school: The Kinai school of Echizen produced iron sukashi tsuba all through the
Edo period. Most of the tsuba are round or oval in shape, and are nikubori sukashi or katachi
nikubori design. Earlier Kinai tsuba appear related to Kyoto Shoami in style and are iron nikubori ji sukashi
bold simple designs. Much of the late Kinai work is more intricate and possibly influenced by the Choshu,
Umetada, and Akao schools. The tsuba surface often has an appreciable amount of relief and very robust designs
. Many Kinai tsuba have a Fukurin around the edge and the design within. Most tsuba have two hitsu ana,
with the Kogai of the Suhama shape. The work from this Ha represents the evolution of style and taste over 300 years.

Tsuba couple papers documentary:
- NBTHK (The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai or Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword) certified 

NBTHK Japan:

Foreign NBTHK branch:

Age: Edo period

Measures: Tsuba for Katana 8,1x7,7 cm.

Tsuba for Wakizashi: 7,1x6,8 cm.

Old Japanese handwork Honoki wood box for Daisho Tsuba couple included


Ref.: TSUBA 33




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