Antique Japanese Nihonto

Extremely rare Koto Katana with double Bo-hi

High grade Miyoshi 三好氏 family Koshirae. Japanese family descended from Emperor Seiwa (850–880) and the Minamoto clan.


Blade with double and very rare unequal grooves for the balance of the blade surely to fit the measures, skill and strength from the first owner. A real extremely rare and very antique Katana blade


Katana Suriage
Hamon : Suguha
Hada : Muji - Mokume
Groove: Bohi - koshi bi
Zukurikomi : Shinogi Zukuri

Nagasa 64.3 cm

Mei: Mumei

Estimated school: Yamashiro

Estimated age: Late Koto 末古刀 1460 ~ 1596


High grade restored antique Koshirae:


Honoki wood

Same: fine quality ray skin

Ito: Genuine natural Silk

Tsukamaki: Katate maki

Mekugi: Bamboo

Kashira: Oni faces shakudo and Gold

Fuchi: Family crest Miyoshi Kamon: Shakudo and fine bronze

Menuki: Peacock couple: High grade work. Shakudo, silver and Gold. Original Japanese Certification

Tsuba: Aware Sukashi. Forged iron. NTKK Original Certified


Honoki wood

Kurikata: Buffalo horn

Shitodome couple: pure Gold plated

Lacquered: Great Urushi work: Togidashi maki-e (red lacquer, black shadow with Gold dust)


Documentation (three certifications) with which the item is shipped:

- Blade: Katanacenter Certification of Authenticity numbered and sealed with picture.

- Menuki couple: Original Japanese Certification

- Tsuba: NTKK (Nihon Tosogu Kenkyukai) Certification


Ref.: 35 Katana


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