Modern Japanese Shinken in antique restored Koshirae

Long Katana with high grade Koshirae

Shinken suitable and fit for training and mounted on a restored antique Koshirae two Nihon-Tosogu-Kenkyu-Kai (NTKK) original official Japanese certifications

A great heavy and strong Japanese sword training for cut and other practices. And also for collection of course.
This is a operative Japanese sword for real use due to its geometry and construction, heavy and strong sword while very balanced, for gross cut or practices. Mounted on antique Koshirae (with two Japanese certifications) is a high value for collection also.

O-Kissaki long blade:
Nagasa: 71.0 cm. Sori: 1.2 cm. 
Moto-haba: 3.3 cm. Saki-haba: 2.3 cm.
Moto-gasane: 0.8 cm. Saki-gasane: 0.5 cm.

Hamon: Nioi Guchi - Gunome with Ashi.

Hada: No Hada

The blade is forged without folds to increase its resistance, so it does not show Hada

Hamon: Shows light to low evanescent in gray and white.

Protected in the hardened to increase the hardness of the edge. This is a sword make to be used, also for collection, of course

Nakago Mei : Yasumitsu

There are several smiths of that name, others smiths men signed as a tribute to your predecessor.

Nakago opposite side: On the opposite side of the Nakago there is an inscription in honor of an imperial princess anniversary.

Bare blade weight: 835 gr.

Recent polishing. Perfect very razor edge.

Estimated age: Showa Shinken blade



Koshirae: Old restored completely by a master Japanese grade Koshiraeshi.

Koshirae of great quality perfectly restored and very resistant adjusted to the Katana blade for a collection but not only for static exhibition also for real use of practices and training.

Very high grade fine quality.

Tsuka: Honoki wood.

Same: Ray skin

Ito: Genuine natural silk

Fuchi/Kashira: Shakudo, brass and gold

Certified Ko Kinko school Menuki couple: Shakudo and Gold: "Holly leaves" with Shumei. Momoyama period

Menuki papers documentary:  
– Nihon-Tosogu-Kenkyu-Kai (NTKK) original official Japanese certified 
-  testified sealed detailed translation

Certified Sukashi Unshu Tani school Tsuba: Forged iron. Late Edo period.

Tsuba papers documentary:  
– Nihon-Tosogu-Kenkyu-Kai (NTKK) original official Japanese certified 
-  testified sealed detailed translation

Saya: Honoki wood Urushi lacquered (made with dozens of layers) in technique Nashishi (copper and gold sprinkled)

Shitodome couple: Gold plated.

Sageo: Marudai (a laborious Japanese handwork) in twisted pure Silk yarn of two colors



Ref.: KATANA 33


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