Kozuka 小柄 (Kogatana 小型な handle):

A extremely rare and fine work with Gold and Silver inlay. Dated from the Edo period.
Depicted reference to "The cry of the cicada" (蝉の鳴き声) the Matsuo Bashō (松尾芭蕉) Haiku (short poem) Haikai no renga (俳諧の連歌) signed sealed.

Cicada included maked of Gold inlaid high relief.

"The cry of the cicada" 蝉の鳴き声 cicadas sound - 閑さや岩にしみ入る蝉の声 - Quietness and the voice of cicadas seeping into the rocks

is a poem composed by Matsuo Bashō on May 27, 1689 (July 13, 1689) when he visited Risshakuji Temple in Dewa Province (now Yamagata City). Recorded in "Oku no Hosomichi". In the "Tsuiyo Nikki" written by Kawai Sora, who accompanied him, he is described as the voice of cicadas that cling to the temples and rocks of the mountains. Known as Shugin's poem in "Oku no Hosomichi"



Poem begins by saying:

In the cicada's cry
No sign can foretell
How soon it must die...


and ends with other reference to the Bushidō (武士道 ) spirit :

The summer grasses
All that remains
Of brave warrior dreams...




Ref.: Kozuka 327

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