Daisho Maru Gata Shippo (七宝) Tsuba couple

Set for Daisho (Katana and Wakizashi set)

A rare and very fine multi-colored enamel work

"Flowers with leaves and butterflies"

Material: Quality bronze with precise glazed polychrome enamel work

(Surely one of the last Japanese original works in this antique traditional technique)

Age: First half of the Shōwa era 昭和

Diameter measures:

Katana Tsuba: 7,9 cm.

Wakizashi Tsuba: 7,1 cm.


In the Japanese Edo period and maybe previous, fine works of Kodogu (Fuchi/Kashira, Menuki, Tsuba, Kougai and Kozuka) were made with multi-colored enamel glazes also know in other languages as Cloisonne this technique is known in Japan as Shippo (七宝) = "Seven Treasures", this name is taken from the Buddhist Sutra describing the beauty of seven kinds of treasure. Of which hardly any examples are preserved today.

Kodogu maked with Shippo technique reached a rare perfection in the Meiji period, culminating in the middle of the Showa period. This set of Tsuba for a Daisho is from this late period first half of the Shōwa era 昭和, one of the last traditional works done with this technique that we know of, it seems to have finally been lost the ancien knolegement of this hand work or at least seems that the Japanese master handicraftsmans stopped making Kodogu pieces with this technique.


Antique Japanese Honoki wood collector box included



Ref.: Tsuba 316


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