Katana Muromachi

Japanese Katana family clan Ikeda branch Kamon

Antique Muromachi blade in quality Koshirae


Katana blade:

Estilized and beautiful Katana blade

Traditional very high quality forged blade

Mei: Mumei

Nakago: A pattern Muromachi style

Hamon: Suguha and Ko-Gunome

Edged: original condition that remains a perfect edge sharped.

Age: Early Muromachi period.

Mei: Mumei

Condition: Very good condition. A couple of minor and minimal surface points on one side that do not affect the active part something minimal is cited for exact description only. New polish by a Tobishi master that shows a beautiful Hamon and Hada.



Blade measures:

Cutting edge: 66,9 cm.

-Nagasa (linear blade length without Nakago): 66,1 cm.

-Sori (blade curvature): 1,5 cm.

-Motohaba (initial section height of the blade or width at the Hamachi ): 2,8 cm.

-Sakihaba (section height in the initiation of Kissaki): 1,8 cm.

- bare blade weight: 652 gr. = 1.44 lb




Saya: Honoki wood black Urushi lacquered

Kurikata: Buffalo horn

Shitodome: Gold

Sageo: Brown-Gold silk

Seppas: Brass


Tsuka: Honoki wood

Same: Quality ray skin

Tsukaito: Brown-Gold natural silk

Menukis: Shakudo and gold "Yoroi and Katana "

Fuchi/Kashira: Brass alloy with solid silver old patinated "Ikeda" Clan Kamon in the Kashira top


Habaki: Old Cooper


Tsuba: Forged iron Maru-Gata openwork depicting "Samurai battle" brass, gold and silver inlay. Estimated Tsuba age: Edo



Bukuro (Katana bag) modern Japanese quality fabric silk is included but the Katanakake (Katana stand) it is not included.

Documentation: Katanacenter Certification of Authenticity numbered and sealed with Nakago printed in addition explanation datas and translation.

Ref.: 3 Katana







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