Great quality and unrestored original Edo Tanto circa year 1840 (19th Century)

NBTHK certified tanto. Certificate says smith is Kasyu Ju Kiyomitsu. Made around the 1840 year of the Edo period end.

Traditional Japanese forged blade. Good conditions light signals and minimal unimportant points (watch the pictures please). Old polish but it allows to see the Hamon showing an excellent quality of forged and tempered.

Hamon: Suguha

Nagasa blade: 19,5 cm.

Cutting edge: 19,8 cm.

Total length in Koshirae mount: 31,3 cm.

Original from the blade period unrestored Koshirae:

Tsuka: Honoki wood

Same: Old Ray skin

Fuchi/Kashira: Shakudo, silver and gold. Depicted Shishi (Tiger-dog) and peony

Menukis: Shakudo "Rooster" (symbol of courage)

Very rare Tsuba with "clouds" in border

Habaki: Fine brass

Saya: Honoki wood Urushi lacquered.

Kurikata and Kojiri: Good quality horn showing iridescence.

The Koshirae is from the time of the blade, something very rare and unusual. This Koshirae is original without restoration, some sign of stuck on between the horn and the wood of indeterminate time. Hard signals of use and the years that are most visible in the Ito and some slack. But it is original, very rare that the old blades keep their original Koshirae.

Tanto blade papers documentary:
- NBTHK (The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai or Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword) certified

NBTHK Japan:



Ref.: Tanto 27


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