Antique and very rare Japanese 

Cherry wood carved Rosary with Cross syncretism Kirishitan (Christian) / Buddhist item

The Latin cross and the lotus-shaped beads show a syncretism between Buddhism and Christianity

Antique honoki wood lacquered and painted box

very high quality traditional hand work

Largue Christian Rosary beads with latin Cross

Cherry wood, mother of the pearl and bone inlay

Age: End of the Edo period (first years of the 19th Century)

Box: Honoki fine wood Urushi lacquered and painted

Aprox measures: 

Cross: 9,5x4,9x0,7 cm.

Rosary: 124 cm. extended long

Box: 15,7x9.1x4,6 cm.


Rosary beads with Cross: Very good with slight signs of intensive use in its time.

Box: Signs of wear and tear on one side repaired



Ref.: Kirishitan 179


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