Long Katana 長さ 刀 blade with fine Koshirae

Blade: Tamahagane 玉鋼
Total blade length from the beginning of the Habaki: 73,6 cm.
Cutting edge length: 72,5
Nagasa: 71,4 cm.
Sori: 1,9 cm.
Moto-haba: 3 cm.
Saki-haba: 2,2 cm.
Moto-gasane: 0,65 cm.
Saki-gasane: 0,35 cm.
Mekugi-ana 目釘穴: Two
Hamon 波紋: Gunome/Notare
Hada: Masame small areas combined
Mei 署名: Mumei


Katana blade condition:

Recently polished by a Togishi master, very good general condition, preserving the exceptional sharpness typical of these blades, only some very light micro-folds discovered in the polishing that are practically invisible to the naked eye also two light black shadows can be seen on the Mune remains of old oxidation and a minimal black point just near Habaki more various dark signal under it, something unimportant that is cited only for an exact description. Watch detailled pictures please.




An impressive Koshirae workfull of traditional symbolism, the scales of the snakeskin that cover the Saya represent the own scales of a dragon, while the Tsuba shows the silhouette of Mount Fuji, a Koshirae full of strong Japanese symbolism.

Wood: Honoki (Hinoki 檜 Japanese Cypress)
Fuchi/Kashira: Gold 黄金 Dragon
Menuki couple: Gold 黄金
Same: Ray Skin
Ito: Dark Red (Historical black 歴史的な黒人) natural Silk


Maru Gata 丸 型
Wrought iron in open work. Depicting Fuji mountain 富士山 silhouette

Estimated age: Edo 江戸時代 Tokugawa period 徳川時代


Habaki 鎺:
Silver 銀 work

Wood: Honoki (Hinoki 檜 Japanese Cypress)
Genuine traditiona Hokkaido Snake Skin covered and natural Urushi lacquered
Kurikata/Kojiri: Gold 黄金 Dragon
Sageo: Dark brown Silk


Koshirae condition:
Near perfect. Completely redone rather than restored by a Koshiraeshi master with partially original parts, logically as usual Ito and Sageo are made of natural Japanese Silk of modern work.





Only Katana blade and Koshirae for sale, Katanakake (Katana stand) and other is not included.



Ref.: Katana 116

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Close Up picture (macro). Shadows and point on the Mune practically negligible at the eye:



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