Tachi 太刀 Hachisuka family Buddhist Koshirae 拵え


Tachi blade:

Cutting edge length: 73,2
Nagasa: 72,1 cm.
Sori: 1,7 cm.
Moto-haba: 3,2 cm.
Saki-haba: 1,9 cm.
Moto-gasane: 0,8 cm.
Saki-gasane: 0,5 cm.
Nakago hole: Three
Hamon 波紋: Strength with fine degrade tones Suguha pattern
Hada: Masame very revealed on the Hamon edge combined with Matsukawa
Mei 署名: Mumei
Age: Last years Edo period 江戸時代
Polished: It is not recent but it is very well preserved
Blade condition: Near perfect. Some old points and minimal lines that can be seen almost totally attenuated by the excellent polishing, there is no notable fault.
Edge: Traditional razor edge cut, no damage to impeccably preserved edge.


Tachi Koshirae 拵え:

Tsuka (柄):

Honoki wood (Hinoki 檜 Japanese Cypress)

Same: Old Samegawa genuine Rayskin

Tsukamaki 柄巻 (handle wrapping) Tsuka-ito (柄糸): Natural Silk Tetsu

Fuchi/Kabutogane: Theme of chrysanthemums in gold

Menuki 目貫 couple: Gold Buddhist swastika Hachisuka family crest

Habaki 鎺 and Seppa 切羽 couple:

Gold 黄金 covered

Tsuba 鍔

Composed of three parts with a theme of chrysanthemums in gold

Saya (鞘):

Honoki wood (Hinoki 檜 Japanese Cypress)

Saya Same: Old Samegawa genuine Rayskin

Saya Ito: Natural Silk Tetsu

Koiguchi/Sayajiri/Semegane/Ashi couple: Theme of chrysanthemums in gold

Ashi Hangers: Ox hide with finials and Buddhist swastikas forming the Mon Hachisuka in Gold

Ties down of the Hangers: Thin natural fiber rope

Lacquer: 漆 Urushi red/black covering rice/gold and golden Buddhist swastikas Hachisuka family crest

Sageo (下げ緒): Silk gold color



Original Japanese documentation:

Kyoiku-inkai - Japanese official documentation (paper previously called Daimyo):

Sealed copy of Prefectural (Kyoiku-inkai) Registration Card In order to legally own a original sword in Japan it has to be registered in accordance with the Ju-to-ho 銃刀法


Certification added: Our own Kantei 鑑定 attested identification of the entire piece.



Ref.: Tachi 112

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Close Up pictures blade with macro contrast camera lens sections increase size to see better blade structure (Hada and Hamon) and condition:



Areas of the blade greatly enlarged Hada:


Nakago blade:


Tachi Hachisuka Samurai family clan Koshirae:



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