Great Sunnobi Tantō 短刀 (O-Tanto) Hira Zukuri

平作り 端と

Large Heavy and Strong Blade



High quality Koshirae. Complete recently restoring (a very fine Koshiraeshi master work):

Tsuka: Honoki wood.

Tsukamaki (Ito labour)
Ito: Natural Japanese Silk Tetsuiro 鉄色 color
Same: Genuine old Ray Skin
Fuchi and Kashira: Sea shells Silver and Gold inlaid in high relief

Menuki couple: Shakudo and Gold



Forged iron with Gold alloy depicted a Dragonfly.

Age: Edo Period


Saya: Honoki wood.

Mushikui Nuri, Kawai Nuri and Negoro Nuri (Gold sheets with rice 米と金 and two Urushi colors), Urushi finish lacquered.
Kurigata and Koiguchii: Rare Deer horn work
Sageo: Marudai 丸大 (a laborious Japanese handwork) in twisted pure Silk yarn of three colors

The blade retains all of its original shapes and remains strong and very robust. It shows black spot points on its surface as it is an old polishing.



Item out of stock - アイテムが利用できません - Artículo no disponible - Article non disponible - Verkauft nicht verfügbar - تباع البند - Товар продан


Ref.: Tanto 103


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normal close up photos of the blade surface and Mune points zone:


extra enlarged photo (close up macro) superficial points blade zone - approx three hundred percent larger than real size:


Tanto general view:



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