Great Sunnobi Tantō 短刀 (O-Tanto) Hira Zukuri

平作り 端と

Large Heavy and Strong Blade



High quality Koshirae. Complete recently restoring (a very fine Koshiraeshi master work):

Tsuka: Honoki wood.

Tsukamaki (Ito labour)
Ito: Natural Japanese Silk Tetsuiro 鉄色 color
Same: Genuine old Ray Skin
Fuchi and Kashira: Sea shells Silver and Gold inlaid in high relief

Menuki couple: Shakudo and Gold



Forged iron with Gold alloy depicted a Dragonfly.

Age: Edo Period


Saya: Honoki wood.

Mushikui Nuri, Kawai Nuri and Negoro Nuri (Gold sheets with rice 米と金 and two Urushi colors), Urushi finish lacquered.
Kurigata and Koiguchii: Rare Deer horn work
Sageo: Marudai 丸大 (a laborious Japanese handwork) in twisted pure Silk yarn of three colors



Ref.: Tanto 103


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normal close up photos of the blade surface and Mune points zone:


extra enlarged photo (close up macro) superficial points blade zone - approx three hundred percent larger than real size:


Tanto general view:



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