Japanese Christian Katana


Kirishitan 切支丹 (Christian) Samurai long Katana 長い刀

Stunning good traditional forge quality antique family very long blade.
Mounted old Kirishitan Koshirae magnificently and meticulously restored.


Katana Blade:
Nagasa 70,9 cm.
Cutting edge: 71,6 cm.
Sori: 1.8 cm.
Moto-haba: 3,1 cm.
Saki-haba: 2,3 cm.
Moto-gasane: 0.7 cm.
Saki-gasane: 0.4 cm.
Signature (Mei): Mumei
Hada (Grain Pattern): Mokume with Ayasugi combined .
Hamon: Suguha
Polished: Recently done by a Togishi master.
Blade condition: Very good, as can be seen in the detailed pictures, minimal points of old rust, almost imperceptible to the eye.




Kirishitan (Christian) Koshirae meticulously restored (by a Koshiraeshi Japanese grade master) years ago according to the tradition of the Christian Samurai, as usual more modern than the blade when Christianity was already tolerated and its symbols were shown in freedom. Koshirae in the most genuine tradition and style of Kirishitan Samurai Koshiraes. Very rare


Tsukamaki Christian traditional style: Tsukamaki's work shows the leather Ito (Tsukagawa) in the form of crosses symbolizing the Holy Trinity

Koshirae mounted total length: 104,5 cm.

Tsuba (Christian-Kirishitan Tsuba): Forged iron from the end of the Edo period . Silver fine Christian Cross inlay.

Fuchi/Kashira/Kojiri: Higo style

Habaki: Silver

 Koiguchi - Kurigata - Sayajiri: Buffalo horn

Shitodomes: Silver

Tsuka Ito: Traditional Japanese tanning leather (Tsukagawa)

Sageo (very long): Silk purple color (Christian symbol of fidelity until martyrdom) in homage and remembrance of the Christian Martyrs of Japan 日本の殉教者

Tsuka: Honoki wood

 Saya: Honoki wood. Urushi lacquer 戦争漆塗り in a very very deep red near black color (known as Historic Black), typical of one high-quality with Ishime 石目 in the first third part. Pure silver cross.

 Same: Genuine Ray skin.



This Katana is part of my Japanese antique Kirishitan Samurais items collection

Katanakake (Katana Stand) not included.



Item out of stock - アイテムが利用できません - Artículo no disponible - Article non disponible

Verkauft nicht verfügbar - تباع البند - Товар продан



Ref.: Katana 101


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