Hefty and Large Sunnobi Tantō 短刀 (O-Tanto)

Bunroku era 文禄 Azuchi–Momoyama period 安土桃山時代

Important swordsmith

Masahiro 正廣 signed

Antique Oda Koshirae with Kozuka and Kogatana


Sunnobi Tanto Blade:



Nagasa: 30,4 cm.
Cutting edge: 31,1 cm,
Moto-haba: 2,8 cm,
Moto-gasane: 0,5 cm,
Sori: 0,4 cm,
Total blade length: 42,2 cm,

Hamon: Suguha

Hada: Masame and Muji

Shape: Hira Zukuri

Mei: Masahiro 正廣

School: Hiroga from Houki no Kuni

Age: Azuchi–Momoyama 安土桃山時代



Antique original estimated at least Meiji or Edo period now unrestored (maybe restored but many years ago)

It is rare to find old unrestored Koshirae but in good general condition preserving its original parts including the Ito, in this case being waxed it has been better preserved.

Koshirae condition: Very good condition for its age, only signs of use mainly on the Tsuka. Watch the pictures please.




Wood: Honoki
Same: Shark skin
Ito: Waxed Silk
Fuchi/Kashira: Forged Iron with solid Silver inlay depicted arrows
Menuki couple: Gold Sun / Shakudo and Gold (this depicted the Samurai family clan Oda variant Kamon)



Wrought iron with solid silver arrows inlay the same as the Fuchi/Kashira ones with which it matches. Bordered with a bronze perimeter tape. A very fine work.



Composed of two parts in copper


Kozuka and Kogatana:

Kozuka: Bronze and Brass - depicts a great bundle flowers in very fine handwork that resembles a tribute to the family Mon

Kogatana: Forged Tamahagane 玉鋼 blade



Wood: Honoki
Koiguchi and Kojiri: Forged Iron
Lacquered: Urushi black and red in a traditional technique 樹皮木 that seem a bark of a tree
Sageo: Red brown and Gold Silk - Traditional hand work Kumihimo 組み紐


Koshirae total length: 52,4 cm.


Approx. Weight:
Blade: 234 gr.
Blade with Koshirae: 567 gr.


Documentary paper:

TOROKUSHO Prefectural (Kyoiku-inkai) Registration Card:
This Tanto was be registered in local prefectural government.
Copy: the original paper is returned to the prefecture according to the Japane law.


Ref.: Tanto 100


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Hamon and Hada Close-Up and greatly amplified pictures:


Registration certificate paper copy:



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