Tameshigiri test cutting Katana Edo

Extremely rare gold Tameshi-mei or Saidan-mei (cutting signature) Kagehira signed Edo period Katana blade and Koshirae


Kagehira high quality blade two bodies cutting test and Koshirae


Tameshigiri: Katana Edo two bodies cutting test gold saidan-mei (cutting signature) and also mei or master sword-smith signature

Rjó wazamono katana sign in Kaga province living Fujiwara Kagehira with test certificate, two human bodies cut at once in the usual way of those tests.

Active hamon based on Suguha with Midarekomi at Hamachi, Masame / Nagare Hada
20-60s of the 17th century, blade length 65.7 cm

Tsujimura Shirouemon Kagehira was the eldest son of the distinguished swordsman Kashu - Kanewaka.

He is supposed to have made some swords signed in the name of his father, whose heroic qualities were attained (daisaku mei).

In the golden Saidan Mei of the Tamehigiri, two human bodies were thrown over the body by one thorn.

Swords with this inscription are very valuable and also extremely rare of course.



Katana blade measures:

-Nagasa (linear blade length without Nakago): 65,9 cm.

-Sori (blade curvature): 1,2 cm.

-Motohaba (initial section height of the blade or width at the Hamachi ): 3 cm.

-Sakihaba (section height in the initiation of Kissaki): 2,4 cm.

Kasane : 6 mm

New polish Sashikomi for a Japanese Togishi master. Maru Mune.



Koshirae: Recently restored by a Koshiraeshi Master .


Saya: Honoki wooden black Urushi lacquered

Kurikata: Buffalo horn

Shitodome: Gold

Sageo: Green natural silk

Seppas: Silver


Tsuka: Honoki wood

Same: High quality ray skin

Tsukaito: Green natural silk

Menukis and Fuchi/Kashira depicted depicted a chrysanthemums theme: Shakudo and gold


Habaki: Solid silver


Antique Edo period Tsuba:

Forged iron with also chrysanthemums theme very fine handwork brass inlay.


Great quality Bukuro (Katana bag) modern Japanese green fabric silk with embroidery silk thread black silver and red. Inner lining yellow natural cotton fabric. Fusa himo (tassel and cord) yellow also Japanese work. Both is included but the Katanakake (Katana stand) it is not included.

Documentation with which the item is shipped: Katanacenter Certification of Authenticity numbered and sealed with Nakago and Mei printed in addition explanation datas and translation.

Item out of stock - アイテムが利用できません - Artículo no disponible - Article non disponible - Verkauft nicht verfügbar - تباع البند - Товар продан

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Tameshigiri Japanese woodblock printing Edo period. Cutting bodies test. Copy:





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