Antique Japanese Nihonto

Extremely rare antique certified Kirishitan Katana Edo period

Original Certification signed by KobayashiYukinobu a prestigious kantei from the NBTHK and other organizations for the study and conservation of the Japanese swords as the JTK. The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai or Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword. The NBTHK is recognized Internationally as the utmost authority for Japanese Art Swords and related items.

Stunning good quality antique family blade.
Mounted in an old Kirishitan Koshirae magnificently and meticulously restored, with Shirasaya.
 Sukesada Katana blade 17th Century Edo period
Antique original Katana certified blade:
 Nagasa: 25.35 inch - 64.4 cm
 Shirasaya Total Length: 37.79 inch - 96 cm
 Curvature Sori: 0.472 inch - 1.2 cm
 Motohaba: 1.14 inch - 2.9 cm
 Motokasane: 0.236 inch - 0.6 cm
 Sakihaba: 0.708 inch - 1.8 cm
 Sakikasane: 0.118 inch - 0.3 cm
 Age: 17th Century Edo period.
 Signature: Mumei attributed as Sukesada of the early Edo period

Kantheiso Certificate:
From the Japanese Sword Study Association (Jûhô Tôken Kenkyû Kai )

The JTK appraiser is Kobayashi Yukinobu. The JTK is located at Musashiya Co. in Osaka, Japan.
The kantei of the original certification is issued also does kantei within the NBTHK.

 Condition: Excellent Jigane and Hataraki. Boshi slightly weak.
Hada and the beautiful Hamon show the extreme good quality of the forge.

Old Kirishitan (Christian) Koshirae meticulously restored (by a Koshiraeshi Japanese grade master) years ago, as usual more modern than the blade from the end of the Edo period or later when Christianity was already tolerated and its symbols were shown in freedom. Koshirae in the most genuine tradition and style of Kirishitan Samurai Koshiraes. Very rare

Tsuba (Christian-Kirishitan Tsuba): Signed forged iron from the end of the Edo period . Silver and solid gold fine Christian Cross inlay. Tsuba estimated Age: Edo period.
Fuchi/Kashira: Higo style, Shakudo and gold.
 Koiguchi - Kurigata - Sayajiri: Buffalo horn
 Shitodomes: Silver
 Seppas: Silver and brass
 Tsuka Ito: Traditional Japanese tanning leather
 Sageo: Silk.
 Tsuka: Honoki wood
 Saya: Honoki wood. Urushi black lacquered with Ishime part. Solid silver cross.
 Same: Genuine quality Ray skin.
 Fukuro (Katana textil bag): Good quality old Japanese work.
Natural silk with embroideries on silk thread. Inner lining: cotton
 Shirasaya: Honoki wood. Old traditional Japanese hand work.
Shirasaya Fukuro: Fabric silk

 This Katana is part of my Japanese antique Kirishitan Samurais items collection

Katanakake (Katana Stand) not included.


Item out of stock - アイテムが利用できません - Artículo no disponible - Article non disponible - Verkauft nicht verfügbar - تباع البند - Товар продан

Ref.: Katana 30

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Original Certification signed by Yukinobu Kobayashi a prestigious kantei from the NBTHK and the NTHK-NPO – Nihon Token Hozon Kai



Christian Catholic Missionary rosary Edo period - My private collection not for sale:




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