Tsuba - Fuchi / Kashira - Menuki - Kozuka - Kogai

for sale - zu verkaufen - en venta - à vende - для продажи - 待售 - na sprzedaż - 販売用 - à venda - in vendita - למכירה - للبيع


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to emailed me please:

I can answer in English - Puedo responder en español - Je peux répondre en français - Ich kann auf Deutsch antworten - 私は日本語で答えることができます

Modern Tsuba Crane and Moon for collection


Item out of stock - アイテムが利用できません - Artículo no disponible - Article non disponible - Verkauft nicht verfügbar - تباع البند - Товар продан

Shakudo and gold "boat" Menukis


Antique rare Menuki couple very high quality gold and silver carved


Menukis Sakura cherry blossom and bird


Shakudo and gold Menukis "Lion-dog group"


Fuchi Kashira Akai family crest (Clan Akai Kamon)


"Samurai shield and spear" Menukis

Japanese openwork Kirishitan (Christian) Tsuba


Fuchi Kashira rare Tensho Kanji seal






Great size fine and rare Menuki couple Edo - Boat Solid Silver




Museum Grade

Extremely rare Edo Tsuba couple signed - Kirishitan (Christian) Daisho

Original Japanese double NTKK certificatión and translation



I have a long Fuchi/Kashira, Menuki, Tsuba, collection for sale. Ask me please.





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