Antique Japanese Edo Katana blade - Old Koshirae mounting



Very curved Tachi type blade

Cutting edge: 67,2 cm.

Nagasa: 66,3 cm.

Total length (measured in a straight line between ends): 83,6 cm.

Sori: 1,4 cm.

Hamon: Choji Midare

Mei: Mumei

Fine Hada

Age: Edo

Condition: Very good, without any notable or seeable flaw

Polishing: Very recent by a master polisher (Togishi)

Toguisi Kantei (polisher report) Included and Original Japanese old NBTHK ozon kantei





Old Japanese unrestored Koshirae

Koshirae Age: Unknown but old


Honoki wood

Same: Natural Ray skin

Ito: Green-Black silk

Menuki couple: Silver and Gold

Fuchi/Kashira: Black lacquered Gold engraved depicted "Chrysanthemum"


Tsuba: Very old fine forged iron

Tsuba Age: Maybe Edo

Habaki: plated pure Gold



Honoki wood

Black Urushi lacquered

Sageo: Green-Greyish braided beautiful




Fukuro (Katana bag): Simil silk gold color, modern work.




Katanakake (Katana stand) not included in this sale


Ref.: Katana 78


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