Recent polishing by a Tobishi master


Japanese Tanto Naginata Naoshi shape

New and refurbished high grade Koshirae: Symbolic Snake (Naga) with antique Buddhist Kodogu elements

Great quality forged and tempered blade

Very Rare Koshirae:

 "Snake Dragon" with Buddhist elements (Fuchi/Kashira have Zen symbolism - Menukis Buddhist Vajra)

Saya: Honoki genuine with real Snake skin covered and Urushi lacquered

Naga = Snake: Naga is the Sanskrit word for a class of entity or being, taking the form of a very large Snake, found in Buddhism. The Naga primarily represents rebirth, death and mortality, due to its casting of its skin and being symbolically the spiritual reborn.



Naginata Naoshi shape (double edge at the point)

Nagasa length: 24,1 cm

Cutting edge: 25,2 cm

Total blade length: 32,4 cm.

Hamon: Notare / Suguha

Mei: Mumei (attributed to Tadahiro)

Hada: fine and soft

Edge: Very razor sharp

Estimated age: Perhaps at the end of the Edo period

Blade condition: All perfect, only a minimun and unimportant point on the Mune.

Polishing condition : Also perfect, recent polishing by a Tobishi master



Total length: 38,6 cm

Tsuka: Honoki wood. Same: Real Snake skin. Ito: Genuine Japanese natural Silk.

Menuki couple: Buddhist Vajra

Fuchi/Kashira: Buddhist Zen inspiration theme

Tsuba: Type jagged

Saya: Honoki wood genuine real Snake skin covered and Urushi lacquered

Kurikata, Kojiri: Black horn

Sageo: Silk


Fukuro (Tanto bag): Old Obi Kimono Silk fine embroidered


Tobishi Kantei original certification included




Ref.: Tanto 65


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