Yoshimichi Great Size Tanto (O-Tanto) with fine Shirasaya

Tanto (O-Tanto) Tantō (短刀, attributed to Yoshi Michi Solid Gold Signed Mei


Tanto Blade:

Nagasa, 29.7 cm.

Motohaba: 3,1 cm.

Nakago: 10,1 cm.

Jihada: Masame mix Itame ,

Hamon: Notare Sugua

Gold Mei literal translation : TANBA NO KAMI YOSHI MICHI

Signed estimated: Mishina, 2nd generation O¯saka, Kanbun (1661-1673 ¿?)

Horimono : great hi / ashi

Condition: Excelent (unimportant minimum point only) . Recient polishing blade.

Mei still keeps a large part of the original solid Gold. Look at the detailed pictures please.

Habaki new refurbishing silver plated.

Shirasaya: Fine high grade traditional Japanese handwork. Undetermined age, certainly not very old as usual in these mounts.

Fukuro (bag) included


Ref.: Tanto 62


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