Long Katana with high grade Koshirae

Japanese Showa Shinken in antique restored Koshirae
Suitable and fit for training and mounted on a restored antique Koshirae Nihon-Tosogu-Kenkyu-Kai (NTKK) original official Japanese Menuki couple certification

A great heavy and strong Japanese sword training for cut and other practices. And also for collection of course.
This is a operative Japanese sword for real use due to its geometry and construction, heavy and strong sword while very balanced, for gross cut or practices. Mounted on antique Koshirae is a high value for collection also.

Katana Blade:
O-Kissaki long blade:
Nagasa: 71.0 cm. Sori: 1.2 cm. 
Moto-haba: 3.3 cm. Saki-haba: 2.3 cm.
Moto-gasane: 0.8 cm. Saki-gasane: 0.5 cm.
Hamon: Nioi Guchi - Gunome with Ashi.
Hada: It does not have Hada that can be see.
The blade is forged without folds to increase its resistance, so it does not show Hada
Hamon: Shows light to low evanescent in gray and white.
Protected in the hardened to increase the hardness of the edge. This is a sword make to be used, also for collection, of course
Nakago Mei : Yasumitsu
There are several smiths of that name, others smiths men signed as a tribute to your predecessor. We do not know which of them can be.
Nakago opposite side: On the opposite side of the Nakago there is an inscription in honor of an imperial princess anniversary.
Bare blade weight: 835 gr.
Recent polishing. Perfect very razor edge.
Estimated age: Showa 昭和時代  (about 30-40 years old)

Old restored completely by a master Japanese grade Koshiraeshi.
Koshirae of great quality perfectly restored and very resistant adjusted to the Katana blade for a collection but not only for static exhibition also for real use of practices and training.
Very high grade fine quality.
Tsuka: Honoki wood.
Same: Ray skin
Ito: Genuine natural silk
Fuchi/Kashira: Shakudo, brass and gold
Certified Ko Kinko school Menuki couple: Shakudo and Gold: "Holly leaves" with Shumei. Momoyama period
Saya: Honoki wood Urushi lacquered (made with dozens of layers) in technique Nashishi (copper and gold sprinkled)
Shitodome couple: Gold plated.
Sageo: Marudai (a laborious Japanese handwork) in twisted pure Silk yarn of two colors

Menuki papers documentary:  
– Nihon-Tosogu-Kenkyu-Kai (NTKK) original official Japanese certified 
-  testified sealed detailed translation
Certified Sukashi Unshu Tani school Tsuba: Forged iron. Late Edo period.

Tsuba: Antique fine forged iron cross shape. Very strong

Blade Documentary:
Certification signed and sealed of Katanacenter as a genuine Japanese Katana blade of the Showa period with item picture and Mei transcription. (ヒスパニック系日本社会古代の剣の研究のため senior member)


Ref.: Katana 41


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