Japanese Antique Fuchi Kashira

Tensho Kanji zu as Kamon

Issaku Fuchi-Kashira
Fuchi Size: 38mm x 24mm x 0.8mm
Fuchi Weight: 16g
Fuchi Nakago hole: 27.5mm X 7.5mm
Kashira Size: 32mm x 15mm x 5mm
Kashira Weight: 8g

Material: Copper and Shakudo inlay carving

Technique: Migakiji, Zogan.

Decoration: Tensho zu (Kanji characters)

Estimated Age: Edo period


There are small dent on the kashira, otherwise overall good antique condition with age appropriate wear and flaws..

Attachment with a Honoki wooden collector box



Ref.: Fuchi/Kashira 162


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