Antique Japanese Nihonto

Long Katana Kiyomitsu blade Konishi clan Koshirae

Koto Katana Konishi family clan



Cutting edge: 71,5 cm. = 28.15"

-Nagasa (linear blade length without Nakago): 70,4 cm.

-Sori (blade curvature): 1,4 cm.

-Motohaba (initial section height of the blade or width at the Hamachi ): 2,9 cm.

-Sakihaba (section height in the initiation of Kissaki): 2 cm.

-bare blade weight: 719 gr. = 1.58 lbs

Hada (fold lines or grain pattern on the surface) and other features shows a great quality of the forged work and original polish that is old but in good condition. All the blade in perfect condition.
It has the beautiful charm of well-preserved antique blades, in addition the blade is mounted in a old Koshirae perfectly restored by a Koshiraeshi Japanese grade Master.

Age: Tenbun 天文 era name after Kyōroku and before Kōji from July 1532 to October 1555. The Emperor was Go-Nara-tennō 後奈良天皇. Muromachi period.

NBTHK Kicho Token paper says Kiyomitsu made it of Kaga province, Fujishima school.
I was told it is 4th generation from 1530-1540's.



Fuchi/Kashira Kirishitan Konishi family clan Kamon crest pure solid gold inlay

Koshirae Kurikata Shitodome: Gold

Menukis: Shakudo gold and silver inlay depicting a Lady perhaps as Virgin Mary in a crypto hidden Christian figure.

Tsuba: Antique great quality forged blade Cross shape with cord twisted border ring. The Cross seems a usuals shape of the hidden Christians (Kakure Kirishitan).

Ito: Natural silk

Sageo: Natural silk

Saya: Urushi lacquered


The Konishi clan is one of the most famous of Kirishitan Samurais Japanese families

This Katana is part of my Japanese antique Christian Samurais items collection

Documentation: NBTHK (The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai - Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword) certified.


Ref.: KATANA 31





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